Right now I use MSN (AOL, Earthlink, etc.) dial-up.
Will I have to maintain an account with them?

You won't need the dial-up service anymore.

These E-mail accounts are, functionally, similar to the free Princeton-ma.us E-mail account you can obtain as a resident. So, you don't need to maintain your these other (AOL, Earthlink, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) E-mail accounts. If you do, you may have to continue to pay them a monthly fee. (AOL and Yahoo, for example, offer free E-mail accounts.)

You can, if you wish, use MSN as your home page (a setting on your web browser) if you want.

We recommend dropping these other E-mail accounts completely after a transition period.

  • First, activate your Princeton-ma.us E-mail account.
  • Then, set it to forward your E-mail to your current (i.e., MSN) E-mail account.
  • Then put a sentence on all outgoing E-mail  messages (like a signature) explaining that your new E-mail address is MyName@princeton-ma.us.
  • After a few months, you can disable E-mail Forwarding and drop the old account (i.e., MSN) completely.

Instructions for using MS Outlook to access your Princeton-ma.us E-mail.


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