Why can I receive, but sometimes can't send E-mail?

In some cases, port 25 which is used for the SMTP connection (outgoing mail) is blocked by the ISP or by a firewall. This sometimes is noticed when using your laptop on a public network or other location away from home.

Of course, you can just use webmail access to your E-mail account to get around this issue.

A more permanent solution is to set up your E-mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to use port 587 and SMTP authentication. The specific steps vary depending on which client you're using, but are generally as follows:

  • Go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Outgoing Server (SMTP)
  • Select our mail server (mail.princeton-ma.us) and make sure it is set as your default
  • Set your Outgoing mail server to smtp.princeton-ma.us.
  • Set the "Port" option to 587 (this is under Advanced settings in Outlook)
  • Verify that your Username and Password are correct.


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